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Frozen food allrounder

Why you should choose us

We have been active in the Austrian market for almost 30 years. During this time we have experienced dynamic market developments and changing shopper behaviour. We have accompanied the development of global sourcing and gained a lot of experience in quality management. But above all, we have developed together with our customers and are now the leading specialist for "frozen food as a service" in Austria.

Our work requires a high degree of flexibility, product group and industry know-how and understanding of the entire supply chain. We develop customised and optimised concepts that ensure that reaching for the frozen food shelf becomes a positive experience for your customers.

This saves our customers cost-intensive investment and reduces their risk. As a single point of contact, we ensure continuity from supplier to shelf.

We also have this flexibility with our services: In the sense of "make or buy", you decide which services we take over for you or which you would like to carry out yourself.

Category management

Keeping an eye on the Austrian market and brands

Lack of time, staff and budget make life difficult for CM managers. In addition, the Austrian market is often not big enough for manufacturers to set up their own sales organisation.

This is where concept cool comes in: We have known the Austrian frozen food market and its requirements for many decades and we understand brands.

concept cool networks manufacturers and food retailers and wholesalers in category management to bring innovation, quality and culinary variety to the frozen food shelf – for the benefit of consumers and professional users.

Your advantage

You have a contact partner with comprehensive market knowledge and can concentrate fully on your core business.

We can do this and more for you

  • Data management
  • Market research / market data
  • Assortment management
  • After sales / POS
  • Filling various (customer) portals, e.g. GS1

Product development

Private label as a sales booster

Private labels are becoming more and more important for retailers: they represent a unique selling proposition compared to the competition and are an important frequency driver. In addition, private labels create stronger customer loyalty.

Consumers buy private labels when they are convinced by the price-quality ratio compared to brand-name products. This places special demands on the supplier network and the understanding of the often complex brand pyramid.

In this area, concept cool has made a name for itself in Austria over the past decades. We create ideas and develop concepts specifically according to the needs of our customers.

Your advantage

We understand the entire supply chain and get a marketable product onto your shelves quickly. Through our professional supplier management, you benefit from innovation across the entire supply chain.

We can do this and more for you

  • Specifications and their standardisation
  • Sourcing
  • Production
  • Quality management
  • Packaging
  • Availability of goods
  • Logistics

Product safety

Experienced quality management

Quality management plays an important role in the daily work of concept cool in order to meet the high demands on product safety and quality of food products. Here, we work closely with our long-standing and certified suppliers in order to comply with international quality standards.

We have the following certifications

IFS Broker

concept cool is IFS Broker certified. This certification is an essential component of our quality management for high product quality and safety. In this way, we ensure that our suppliers and manufacturers also meet our requirements at an international level.

IFS Broker Certificate



concept cool is certified in accordance with the EU regulations for organic farming and can use the organic seal.

EU-Bio Certificate



concept cool is Naturland's partner for fish and seafood from aquaculture. Naturland was founded in 1982 with the aim of promoting organic agriculture worldwide. In the meantime, Naturland has become the largest international organic association. The standards for producers are stricter than the EU organic standards.

Naturland Certificate


concept cool is certified according to Bio Suisse. Bio Suisse is an association of organic farming organisations in Switzerland. Bio Suisse has laid down numerous additional requirements for the production and processing of Bio Bud products that go beyond those of the Swiss Organic Farming Ordinance.

Bio Suisse Certificate



concept cool is certified against the MSC Chain of Custody standard and is part of the international network of MSC-certified companies that demonstrably source fish and seafood from sustainable fisheries.

MSC Certificate



concept cool is certified against the ASC Chain of Custody standard and is part of the international network of ASC-certified companies that demonstrably source fish and seafood from responsible aquaculture.

ASC Certificate

Your advantage

We take care of the entire process for you and ensure compliance with international quality standards.

We can do this and more for you

  • Specifications
  • Filling various portals (GS1)
  • Communication with supplier network
  • Product development
  • Carrying out tastings

High potential

Supply chain optimisation

Today's supply chains are very complex: if you consider the network of all suppliers and producers, traders, service providers and freight forwarders, it takes a multitude of companies and transport routes until a product finally reaches the end customer. Disruptions to the supply chain are not only expensive, they also jeopardise security of supply. It is therefore worthwhile to invest in its optimisation.

With "frozen food as a service", we have decades of experience in optimising the supply chain of frozen products. Depending on the customer's strategy and requirements, we focus on the desired direction: if costs are to be reduced, logistics can be cost-optimised by bundling and storage space can be kept to a minimum. If the focus is on optimising the supply chain in terms of speed, we will develop processes to process orders and purchase orders more quickly and deliver goods faster. Increasing the resilience of the supply chain to fluctuations can also be a goal.

Your advantage

We look after our customers throughout the entire supply chain, from the manufacturer to the trading partner. Crucial for us are these four criteria: Efficiency, transparency, flexibility and security.

We can do this and more for you

  • Establishment of national and international logistics networks with all well-known partners
  • Bundling in logistics
  • Warehousing
  • Inventory management
  • Transparent monitoring
  • Short-term solutions through international network
  • Integration of processes into the merchandise management system

Contact us

Your direct way to our team

For manufacturers and the culinary industry
Head of Team Assortment: Christine Ackerl

For food retailers and wholesalers
Head of Sales Team: Wolfgang Loacker

+43 2742 28564