Fish & Seafood with Passion.

Our Concept Cool Cuisine

Yes, there is such a thing as the unrivaled exquisite flavor of quality natural products, and increasingly more consumers demand it. Likewise, consumer demand for transparency, reliability and safety in the production process is also increasing.

This is why for us, both professionally and personally, our world revolves around nutrition and healthy foods. We love to cook and have a passion for fine foods, especially when it comes to fish and seafood.

Our product development process always begins with a consultation and the creation of a unique recipe, because each new product is tailored exclusively to satisfy your needs.

It all comes down to good ingredients: add one part multifaceted interdisciplinary team, one part network of reliable suppliers, and sprinkle with extensive knowledge of the current market to taste. We consider each individual ingredient of our process holistically, which ensures that when mixed they produce a harmony of consistency and flavor.

And to top it all off, season with a pinch of personality and a shot of confidence. Enjoy!

Our Company.

For the love of good food

Our company was founded in 1994. From the beginning we recognized ourselves as a full service company focused on the food industry, food trade and food service. We began as a marketing and sales agency, an "extended arm" of the producers so to speak.

In 1999, we concentrated on an important new direction for our business development, and expanded our activities to include our own procurement business of frozen fish and seafood products. The subsequent years taught us that in order to increase the value chain we needed to get closer to the source of the products.

Since 2007, we have been continuously and successfully building up our "Private Label" business segment for trade in the Austrian market. We utilize the stories behind our products as well as our extensive know-how and experience, in a collaborative effort with our customers to successfully develop and grow their private label brands. This is how we convincingly convey our values to restaurateurs and the end consumers.

In 2008 we partnered with a Munich based company, Binca Seafoods, through which we were able to gain direct access to producers and farmers for fish and seafood.

Since 2012, we have been a member of the Binca Group and have gained a new shared strategic reorientation that spans the entire value chain "from catch or farm to fork".

Partner to our Customers.

Our Expertise: We Understand Food

There is enormous potential for innovations in food. The future trends for high-growth market segments focus on health, enjoyment, and convenience products. Sustainability, quality, and food safety, are among the current main concerns we face from a consumer's point of view.

Challenges of the global procurement and sales markets, in addition to shifting trends and social changes, continuously confront our customers with ever new and diverse challenges. That´s why, for over 25 years, we have been a partner to the food industry, the food trade and the foodservice.

Roadmap: The perfect guide for successful products

We are not food traders. We develop marketable, turnkey and successful products for our customers. Our product development roadmap has four steps: Consulting, Concept, Food Chain and After Sales.

Right from the start, we shine a spotlight on the origin and transparency of our products. All our products have a story, and they tell the tale of the country and the people who produce them.

Through our transparent supply chain, we show our customers exactly what happens behind the scenes of a finished packaged product on the shelf.

Even after all the decisions have been made and the products have arrived on the shelves, we continue to support our customers. Our After Sales Management includes, among other things, training, trade fair participation and support for marketing and promotion. Above all, we would like to pass on our know-how to you.

In the Consulting step, we share our knowledge with you, our food scouts make new discoveries, and through product workshops and visits to the farms you will learn and experience everything related to flavor, certification, and the origin of your product.

In the Concept step, we plan market-ready products. Through our branding services, we create an image for your brand and the right POS material that really speaks to the consumer.

Also, our products have many great stories that you can tell in good conscience. Or we can also do this for you. We offer writing, photography and videos, for all of your print, online and social media channels.

In the 3rd step, you will experience our entire Food Chain. This includes everything from production, processing, Laboratory and quality control, to transport and storage. You will receive your turn-key ready product, exactly when and where you need it.

We want your new product to be well received by your customers! In the After Sales step, we offer you continued sales support – from both in front of and behind the counter. We can work together with your marketing team, train your employees, conduct promotional campaigns at POS, attend trade fairs and customer events, and participate in your key-account sales meetings.

Our Products and Services.

Fish and Seafood with Origins

Here you will not simply find a list of products and suppliers to browse through, because what you are looking for is as varied as the unique needs of each of our individual customers. We don´t just offer you a selection of fresh or frozen seafood to choose from, instead we develop the products together with you. Whether it´s pure natural fish fillets, prawns or convenience products, each one has a personal story behind it. We develop the desired products for you and locate the best suited reliable suppliers that fit your needs. Whether it is from the sea, inland fishing or aquaculture, with the help of selected international partners we can offer you a wide assortment of fish and seafood.

Our direct access to the farms and production facilities in Vietnam is quite unique. With around 25 quality management colleagues working locally in Vietnam, we can ensure controlled high quality products. Black Tiger Prawns, White Tiger Shrimp, Pink & White Shrimp, Pangasius and Tilapia all grow in Vietnam naturally or are farmed there in a variety of methods.

Our team is present with the farmers on the farms, at the processing factories, and the packaging material producers, all the way until the product leaves the port and sets sail to its final destination.

This is how we are able to significantly influence every detail of the production process and accurately tailor the product to your specific wishes and requirements.

Our products include wild-caught fish and seafood from all over the world. Our fish and seafood from aquaculture originate from Vietnam, Iceland and Ireland.

Our Binca Group Toolkit System is a modular system that consists of four components. This allows us to design individual solutions for fish and shrimp products that are perfectly suited to satisfy the needs of your customers.


In One Word

We believe that sustainable trade is the best and only way to produce valuable and healthy food in the long run.

Of course, we would like to be able to produce all of our products in the highest sustainable organic quality. Unfortunately, such production is not always available for fish and seafood. The supply of organic aquaculture is growing steadily but it is still relatively small. However, our partner company Binca Vietnam, is a pioneer in sustainable organic aquaculture. This offers us a decisive advantage. Additionally, they produce products from extensive aquaculture, which are not certified organic, but are still subject to the high quality sustainable standards.

For wild-caught fish from the sea and inland fishing, we focus on the MSC certification.

For us, sustainability doesn't just mean only buying sustainable raw materials. We try to assess the overall ecological impact of our products as a whole. Critically, we also take into account the impact of transportation, production segments (such as fishing or farming), packaging options, environmental impact, etc.

However, it is not always possible to consistently deliver such a sustainable product. But we strive to offer our customers sustainable solutions across the entire chain. A path we would like to travel together.

Quality Management.

Security for Trade and Consumers

The foundation of our quality management stands on two strong pillars. The first pillar is our team in Vietnam, which works directly on the products, actively participates in product production, and with the support of accredited laboratories analyzes the products based on defined criteria before shipping. The second pillar is our office in St. Pölten, which works closely together with our customer´s quality control managers to direct the specifications, parameters, and requirements for the products. This is how we prepare the product specifications, and then pass them on to our producers (e.g. our team in Vietnam), and monitor its successful implementation according to internal and external analyzes.

Regular sampling of our assortment enables us to get to know our products better, to take precautionary measures to ensure quality, and to initiate steps for product improvement. This method of proactive quality management offers our customers an additional level of security.

Regulations for food products are constantly changing. Frequent legal revisions of permissible product composition, varying requirements for content declaration, and new developments in packaging conformity can make product development a daunting task. You can rest assured, because we have these issues well under control, and integrate any needed changes into our products early in their development phase.

In addition, we are certified according to the IFS Broker Standard, as well as the ASC, MSC, and a variety of accredited organic standards. Such certifications, in which we have the relevant competencies, are frequently requested by retailers.

Marketing & Sales for Strong Brands.

Sales Services, Marketing, P.O.S.

Do you want a strong distribution partner for your brands and products?

Do you want to profit from the synergies of a predominantly production-independent marketplace?

Are you a restaurateur looking for innovative frozen food offerings?

Concept Cool offers brand name companies in Austria unique marketing and sales services for frozen food products in the wholesale gastronomy, cash and carry, and retail store sectors. This way we not only build strong brands, but we offer you a high-quality tailor-made range of frozen food specialties all in one place. The companies that we work with share our philosophy and values. These companies include Hilcona, Alpenhain, Albert van Zoonen and Escal, as well as the brands Gourmano and NaturManufaktur. By bundling all of the sales activities under one roof, we offer you the opportunity to benefit from the effective synergies and advantages that result.

Does this sound good to you? If so, we look forward to discussing what Concept Cool can do for you!


What Makes Us Special

Last but not least, a little something personal about us.

We love to be creative, to cultivate and implement innovative ideas, to envision a product holistically and then follow its development from origin, to market-ready brand, and finally to the end consumer.

It´s true, our hearts skip a beat when we think about the production and procurement of new products, but we also get equally excited when it comes to markets and marketing.

Our Team.

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